Staircase designs and layouts

Looking through spindles into bedrooms

Designs and features

Each loft conversion is unique and brings with it it's own set of challenges none so more than fitting the staircase. Beyond performing their purpose of providing a passage way, stairs can serve as a powerful design feature. 

Over the past 20 years, we've installed hundreds of loft conversion staircases and have built many different practical and attractive solutions. The range of designs we can build and the materials we can use is vast covering everything from different types of wood, spindles, rails, carpet/ surfacing and more.

We use a local company, Plymouth Joinery to provide our stairs and each installation is custom.

Safety first

Providing easy, safe and attractive access to a conversion is crucial but loft staircases must meet strict building and safety regulations.

Our high level of craftsmanship will ensure that all regulations are satisfied: on some occasions we have to alter walls or doors to accommodate stairs to fit and sometimes, the underside of the loft stairs may cut across an existing landing window. It depends on the space available on your landing and having to maintain 2 metres of headroom on the underside of the new stairs. In any case, with our experience and expertise we will provide a practical and attractive solution.

Fitting a staircase in your home

If you're wondering how a staircase would fit into your home, take a look at some of the types of Stair layouts below. You can also browse through examples in our Staircase gallery.

Straight Staircase

A straight staircase stretches from your upper floor to your loft in one straight run. Although this is the easiest type of stair to build, it can be difficult to squeeze into a floorplan and is not suitable for all houses especially where space is tight.

Quarter Staircase

The run of the stairs in a quarter staircase makes a 90 degree turn at a landing.

Half Staircase

A half staircase splits the run of the stairs in half by reversing the direction of the run by a full 180 degrees at a landing.

Winding Staircase

A winding staircase serves like a quarter staircase, but requires less space because the landing is divided into pie-shaped steps.