Types of loft conversion

Types of loft conversion

The type of loft conversion that you can undertake depends factors such as the design of your existing roof, your budget, planning restrictions and your own preferences.

Once we have conducted a full assessment we can advise and talk you through your options.

There are several types of conversion but most fall into one of two categories: Dormer Conversions and Roofline Conversions.

Dormer loft conversions

A dormer loft conversion example

A dormer is a window set vertically projecting from a sloping roof.

Dormer conversions are ideal for when the existing loft space is limited or is of insufficient size for the proposed conversion.

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Roofline loft conversions

A roofline loft conversion example

This option is ideal for those contemplating a smaller loft conversion where adequate height is available within the existing loft space.

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